Why Amazon has to win this Race!

Amazon is in the race of its life with ebooks.  It has to win.  Why?  Well, if you self publish and want to keep the big publishing companies on their toes, Amazon has to win.  Right now Oyster is trying to push harder into ebook sales only those ebooks are only from the Big publishing companies.  No self published.  No little publishing company.  Period.  It’s like Walmart wants to open for business in a small town where there are three home town stores.  Guess who wins that battle?  Most times Walmart which is why most small towns don’t want a Walmart these days.  Granted I can’t kick Oyster to the curb but I can promote Amazon and why it’s important to buy from them right now.

Or any other service which is for the little guy.  Oyster isn’t just going against the self published world, it’s going against any publishing company which isn’t the big five.  Please spread the word, Amazon and every other ebook service needs to win!  Or we all lose.

To read more on this story, click here.  Yahoo wrote and covered the story.

Doesn’t want to promote companies but feels this is one time we need to

Terra Ann Spencer


IPA Annual Report

IPA stands for International Publishers Association.  They have a report out every year.  I’ll try to do a link to the PDF file but if you can’t access it, google IPA annual report.  PDF file.

Now why read it?

Well, first it contains some interesting information about publishers.  There is one article by Jens Bammel not liking the value of Amazon.  It goes on to quickly cover the idea Amazon is not caring enough about books so the customer isn’t getting enough value for the money.  I openly disagree with this.  I believe customers are bright people who over time will weed through the authors not worthy of their money by Goodreads and other sites.  I have enough fair in the customers to not worry about the huge amount of self published authors.

Second, it really gives you a sense the publishing companies are starting to get scared by the recent and upcoming changes to their once powerful hold on the book market.  Now it’s the authors along with the customers deciding who gets the big bucks and who gets left in the dust.  Publishing companies use to and still do not publish most of the books which land on their door step. Now with Amazon authors don’t have to be controlled or pushed aside for a publishing companies agendas.  This means more freedom of speech and less control at a company level.

It leaves me thinking if this isn’t already in place someone needs to start the ISPA.  International Self Publishers Association.  This would help to defend self publishers rights to publish and promote self publishers around the world.

If anyone has heard of anything like this, please let me know.

Supporting the ISPA in her head for now

Terra Ann Spencer

Around the internet with a frown again

A site called PressBooks sounded good at the google stage.  It had the idea on a low-budget you could get your book done as an e-book and had tips to do this.  I went over with half a hope it might turn out to be as good as it sounded.  Again, I frown with the lost hope a site will ever be worth my time when it comes to self publishing.

First when was it written?

Seriously, it has one section which says you need their site because doing covers requires complex digital software.  Wrong.  Today, many of the self published places like Create A Space have templates a designer can use and there are low-budget software like Gimp one can use to do the cover art.   With a few ‘How To’ videos and a few hours of messing around, most people can figure out the software.  Granted not everyone can design a book but that is a art issue not a complex software problem.

The site also promotes it can publish your book for a low $99. No. Once, you get to the pricing section you realize the $99 does not include the cover art or editing.  I guess they didn’t realize it’s free to publish a book on amazon and most other e-book spots.  Not sure why they are charging $99 at all.  The cost to most self published authors is the editing and cover art.  Save your cash and find somewhere else as this is such a waste of money.   Use the $99 for marketing!

Frowning again

Terra Ann Spencer

Networking with other self published authors

It’s important to know how to network with other self published authors.  Some quick reasons can be blog interviews, reviews, cover artists, book beta readers and editors.   If you look at the competition as something you can learn from instead of just something to overcome,  you can gain far more from it than just sales.

Let’s say author A has an amazing cover.  Let’s say author A paid very little for the cover.  You would never know this because you didn’t network and ask.  Editors can be high-priced but with a network you stand to find editors who are not asking for huge sums of cash.  You might even find some people who can edit but don’t have a degree (they are out there) so they don’t push themselves as editors.  I have a few via Facebook through another author if you want to contact them for price, timeframe and what kind of edit they do.  Send me an email ( terranightangel@yahoo.com ) with the header ‘Editor Midnight Crimson’ and I’ll send you how to get a hold of them.

Places like LinkedIn (this is a link to my Linkedin) would be a great way to get started but most self published authors haven’t bothered to think about Linkedin this way yet.  We can get together and discuss strategy in the market place, what works, what doesn’t, which editors were worth the time and/or our next big ideas for self publishing.

We could use Skype.  Skype would be great place to do mini meetings and mini idea swaps.  Someone just needs to decide when we might do these and we have to keep them free.

I think places like Nanowrimo are a great way to get started in meeting authors but not the best to meet only self published.  If you know of any other places, leave a comment or email me.

Looking for ways to connect

Terra Ann Spencer

My short travel into the Writer’s Group

I spent about a half month on one writer’s group.  I summited my first chapter for review.  I got feedback.  It seemed to be going to plan and I was enjoying it.

Why did I stop?

First, I was spending way more time chatting about writing than actually writing.  I have enough distracts everyday to keep me busy from sun up to sun down.  I didn’t need one more.

Second, it dawned on me the critiques and comments I was getting were from writers.  Granted this is awesome at times and I love interacting with writers about publishing, marketing, writing, editing and on and on.  I just realized if I keep posting chapters and getting feedback it will all be from people who have studied and learned about writing.  This is great for grammar.  Not so great for flow, characters and other things I think the die-hard reader wants deep down in them to have in the next book.  It’s the difference between being in school and on the job.  I wasn’t sure in the end my edits would have the same value.

Third, the writer’s group I was apart of, not going to say which one, was stuck on traditional publishing.  I’m not.  I find no extra value in going through a publisher in the current state of publishing vs self publishing my novel.  I don’t like anyone who thinks or looks at me like I’m second class, not valued in the publishing world or not worthy of a publishing company.   Once my novel is published, I’m going to consider myself a published author.  I’m not going to say I’m self published unless asked.  Why should I?  If people like and read my work, I’m as much valued as the next author.

Understand I did value the feedback and I liked the people overall.  I think if you can find more worth being a part of a group then be a part of one.  Never let me or anyone tell you not to if you feel you are getting something out of it.

Feeling more energy to blog, write and edit

Terra Ann Spencer