Amazon, Goodreads and an Idea

I had this cool idea after Chantelle Atkins, a fellow author, was reminding her readers and the world Amazon does not link up the reviews across country.  This means a review at Amazon US will not be seen by a person on Amazon UK.

I thought well they are the parent company to Goodreads so why not streamline the whole review process for the book section only through Goodreads.  How hard would that be?  I mean granted there would need to be office meetings and Goodreads and Amazon would have to strike a deal together on how it would work.

Other than that…?  Not seeing a whole lot which would be bad or complex.  I also know parent companies make money off their little companies under them though they do not usually make their choices for them about business.  A few parent companies might have more involvement but others might have less.  Still, Amazon is making money off of Goodreads so to promote it you would think would be in Amazon’s favor.  You would think, right?

Well, me being me sent them an email.  I got the worst email back I’ve gotten from any company.  It only stated the facts which I already knew, something about a highlight review (this part didn’t even really make sense) and how Goodreads is separate so they don’t share data with Amazon.  Ok, so?  I thought the least they could do was review the idea and send it to someone who might be higher on the food chain.  I guess not.

Thinking companies should want more ideas and less upset sad customer service

Terra Ann Spencer


Library Thing Giveaway for Reviews

Library Thing is just like Goodreads and does have a giveaway.  You can find how to set one up here.

If you are having problems getting reviews, this could help you get them.  Also I would only use giveaways like this if you can’t get reviews, your reviews overall are good and you want to boost yourself on yet another site.

You don’t want to boost reviews, if you are getting bad reviews on your current book.  It doesn’t mean you have to take your book off the market but I would wait until you either fix the current one or release your next one.  This way you are boosting reviews to a book which the readers are going to like and think it was worth their time.

Always looking for new ways to promote

Terra Ann Spencer

Lists and Lists of Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs for Reviews and general stuff

I was helping someone else who wanted to get lists of newspapers and magazines to send out advance copies for review.  I had no idea there were lists out there like this.  I do not know if any of the places listed review ebooks.  Again as always contact the person or place and see what they review and their submission rules are for their site.

This is what I found and not all the lists are made for reviews but I think it might be helpful to bookmark all of them for reference reasons.  I know I did.

First up is a little site called DMOZ.   It is a list of review places for literature.  It also says it was updated Jan 2015.  YAY.  The only down side is it’s a short list.  DMOZ Site

Next Up is a place for Book Review Magazines.  Not a long list and last updated 2013.  Not sure the links work but here it is for your reference and needs.  Book Review Magazines Site

This one is a great overall site list of blogs, book reviews, small bookstores and more.  Huge list.  I have no way of knowing the last time it was updated as there is no date anywhere on the page.   Huge List Site

The next one, Book Market, is a big list and it lists the last time each entry was updated.  Great until you realize some were updated last in 2009.  Still a big list and if you have the time to check it out, could be well worth it.   Book Market Site

The last one isn’t that big and is from 2011.  I like it though it’s newspapers from around the US.  Newspapers List Site

I believe the newspapers covered in all these were US only.  If you happen to know of a list for a country outside the US and would like me to add it here, please post in the comments or send me an email at

Tired of looking at Lists

Terra Ann Spencer

At least one thing Amazon might be doing right

I had an idea and sent it to Amazon.  Hold the Press!  They already do it or at least a thing similar to the idea.

So here it is in case like me you didn’t know.  Amazon has badges for reviewers and public profiles as well.  You can see what they review and how helpful their reviews were to other people.  Good to know the trolls might not win yet in the review game.

Click on the  name of any reviewer and you will find their public profile page.

So here is  link to my own profile reviewer page.  Let me know if it doesn’t work as I was signed in when I copied the link.   Now as you can see I’m a mere Rank 27,968,355.  I was 33% helpful to others and if the picture isn’t up yet, it says I have a picture coming soon.

So let’s try a few more.  I won’t link their profiles but I’ll just list out the details.  The review was found as a one star.  The person is a he according to the profile and he ranks lower than I do which is odd since he is 42% helpful.  He also has reviewed more than I have on Amazon.

The next was a five-star review.   This person doesn’t have a picture and the name isn’t giving away their female or male status.  They do rank very high as a review at 1,305,176 but with a low 47% helpful rate.  Good to know.

One last one was a female who ranked 1,541,123 and had a 79% helpful rate.  She looks at first glance to be a better reviewer until I notice all her other reviews are of cookbooks while this one book she rated a low one star is nothing close to them.  Hmmm.

What does this mean for the self published on Amazon?   One, you can see who is giving you a bad review, where they rate and what other things they review as well.  Also, this gives your readers should you point it out on your blog or facebook page or twitter that they can get a better idea of a bad or good review by learning a little more about the reviewer.

Thinking this is a good start

Terra Ann Spencer

The Review

I was reading about book reviews from the standard pay up front for one review you can use over and over to the guy who will do you up hundreds of reviews.

First I don’t like reviews you pay for in any form.

The one site like Blueink where you pay as little as $395 doesn’t mean anyone is going to think their review is worth something over another paid site.  Granted Blueink does say it will send their review of your book to other places like agents and publishing companies.  Blueink also does not guarantee your review will be a good one.  I only don’t like this kind of review because I don’t believe it impacts readers the way it use to in let’s say 1950.  Consumers today have much more access to complaint sites and word of mouth spread via the internet which renders these kind of reviews almost pointless.

The guy who you pay for fake reviews is not worth it either.  Granted it may cause a buzz about your current book but if a reader gets sucked in and buys it, it won’t mean future sales on your next book.  You might do overall better than an author who doesn’t market but you won’t do better than the author who puts the energy and time into their book.  An author who works hard to write it, market it truthfully and doesn’t give up will one day find the sales and readers who will buy the next book and the next one.

Maybe one day the review system will make sense and be worth it

Terra Ann Spencer