Why Amazon has to win this Race!

Amazon is in the race of its life with ebooks.  It has to win.  Why?  Well, if you self publish and want to keep the big publishing companies on their toes, Amazon has to win.  Right now Oyster is trying to push harder into ebook sales only those ebooks are only from the Big publishing companies.  No self published.  No little publishing company.  Period.  It’s like Walmart wants to open for business in a small town where there are three home town stores.  Guess who wins that battle?  Most times Walmart which is why most small towns don’t want a Walmart these days.  Granted I can’t kick Oyster to the curb but I can promote Amazon and why it’s important to buy from them right now.

Or any other service which is for the little guy.  Oyster isn’t just going against the self published world, it’s going against any publishing company which isn’t the big five.  Please spread the word, Amazon and every other ebook service needs to win!  Or we all lose.

To read more on this story, click here.  Yahoo wrote and covered the story.

Doesn’t want to promote companies but feels this is one time we need to

Terra Ann Spencer


IPA Annual Report

IPA stands for International Publishers Association.  They have a report out every year.  I’ll try to do a link to the PDF file but if you can’t access it, google IPA annual report.  PDF file.

Now why read it?

Well, first it contains some interesting information about publishers.  There is one article by Jens Bammel not liking the value of Amazon.  It goes on to quickly cover the idea Amazon is not caring enough about books so the customer isn’t getting enough value for the money.  I openly disagree with this.  I believe customers are bright people who over time will weed through the authors not worthy of their money by Goodreads and other sites.  I have enough fair in the customers to not worry about the huge amount of self published authors.

Second, it really gives you a sense the publishing companies are starting to get scared by the recent and upcoming changes to their once powerful hold on the book market.  Now it’s the authors along with the customers deciding who gets the big bucks and who gets left in the dust.  Publishing companies use to and still do not publish most of the books which land on their door step. Now with Amazon authors don’t have to be controlled or pushed aside for a publishing companies agendas.  This means more freedom of speech and less control at a company level.

It leaves me thinking if this isn’t already in place someone needs to start the ISPA.  International Self Publishers Association.  This would help to defend self publishers rights to publish and promote self publishers around the world.

If anyone has heard of anything like this, please let me know.

Supporting the ISPA in her head for now

Terra Ann Spencer

The old Movie houses vs the Publishing Companies today

It’s an odd thing but for me I look at the old movie deals with actors like the publishing companies deals with writers.  They both paid very little and were very long contracts.  At some point the actors left the movie deals to one movie only and went through agents for their roles.  Today, with self publishing, I wonder if the publishing world will face something like this?

Will there be more one book deals where instead of royalties, the writer gets a cash amount and the publishing company gets the royalties for so many years?  Will the amount go up for the next book?

Will agents be used to get the rights to movies and T.V.?    Will agents push the self published to allow the first chapter to be read on Amazon for free so agents have better knowledge of the books worth?   Will agents help shape how the self published are seen in the world and help to make them money to keep their incomes?

How is this industry going to change over the next 20 years and do the writers realize how much they have a say in how it changes?

Terra Ann Spencer

Larger Post about Baker & Taylor

Was looking around and found a Forbes article about a self published female who was very successful.  She listed as using Baker & Taylor for her print side of her  Estate Planning book.

Of course what did I do?

I went to Baker & Taylor to check it out.  First I had to register and that of course already started to bum me out.  Next I realized unless I planned to be a company including a SAN number, I wasn’t going to be able to register.  Off to the About Us section I went with a low hung head to boot.

I went from one page to another and felt lost so I went back to the original article.  Maybe I missed something or maybe she did go through a publishing company after all.

After looking it over, I found Workman Publishing is listed in passing and one of the people she worked with was from there.  I went over to their site and yes, the do take submissions without agents and have tons of self-help books.  I still wasn’t sure if she used this company or not as I lost interest in trying to find out.

What did I learn?  I learned read the article better, Baker & Taylor are great if you are with a publishing company (huge site) and this all still leaves the self published author very much alone in a vast huge world of publishing.

disappointed yet again

Terra Ann Spencer