Around the internet with a frown again

A site called PressBooks sounded good at the google stage.  It had the idea on a low-budget you could get your book done as an e-book and had tips to do this.  I went over with half a hope it might turn out to be as good as it sounded.  Again, I frown with the lost hope a site will ever be worth my time when it comes to self publishing.

First when was it written?

Seriously, it has one section which says you need their site because doing covers requires complex digital software.  Wrong.  Today, many of the self published places like Create A Space have templates a designer can use and there are low-budget software like Gimp one can use to do the cover art.   With a few ‘How To’ videos and a few hours of messing around, most people can figure out the software.  Granted not everyone can design a book but that is a art issue not a complex software problem.

The site also promotes it can publish your book for a low $99. No. Once, you get to the pricing section you realize the $99 does not include the cover art or editing.  I guess they didn’t realize it’s free to publish a book on amazon and most other e-book spots.  Not sure why they are charging $99 at all.  The cost to most self published authors is the editing and cover art.  Save your cash and find somewhere else as this is such a waste of money.   Use the $99 for marketing!

Frowning again

Terra Ann Spencer


The Chicago manual of Style. The what?

In the past all novels went to publishing companies.  Those novels went to their editors who went to college so they decided which standard would be used with the novels.

By 1906, the University of Chicago Press had published a book called the Chicago Manual of Style which was used by their editors.   Over the years it had become the standard publishing companies used across the globe.

I see a slight problem with this now.  How many self published authors have ever heard of it?  Granted, when publishing was mainly done through publishing companies, this worked.  Does it still work?  Does every editor out there use it?  Or is it a gamble for the self publishing world to find an editor who uses it?

Does it conflict with ebook formatting?

I personally had never heard of it ever in my life.  I was going to use the grammar books like the ones used in schools.  Now I don’t know what I plan to do.

Does this make self publishing even more confusing?  If the manual doesn’t follow the rules of grammar to the letter, does it confuse the readers as well?

There is some really neat things at this site.  One, there is a Q&A every  month.  It goes over all sorts of questions.  There is also a huge section for manuscripts.  YAY!  So if you are interested in using this style, I would head over to it and check it out.   Chicago Manual of Style Manuscript Section

I think more sites who are talking about self publishing need to talk about this manual and how it affects authors.  We need as a group to decide if this is our standard still and if we plan to use it, we need to get the word out.

Trying not be confused and get a headache

Terra Ann Spencer