My short travel into the Writer’s Group

I spent about a half month on one writer’s group.  I summited my first chapter for review.  I got feedback.  It seemed to be going to plan and I was enjoying it.

Why did I stop?

First, I was spending way more time chatting about writing than actually writing.  I have enough distracts everyday to keep me busy from sun up to sun down.  I didn’t need one more.

Second, it dawned on me the critiques and comments I was getting were from writers.  Granted this is awesome at times and I love interacting with writers about publishing, marketing, writing, editing and on and on.  I just realized if I keep posting chapters and getting feedback it will all be from people who have studied and learned about writing.  This is great for grammar.  Not so great for flow, characters and other things I think the die-hard reader wants deep down in them to have in the next book.  It’s the difference between being in school and on the job.  I wasn’t sure in the end my edits would have the same value.

Third, the writer’s group I was apart of, not going to say which one, was stuck on traditional publishing.  I’m not.  I find no extra value in going through a publisher in the current state of publishing vs self publishing my novel.  I don’t like anyone who thinks or looks at me like I’m second class, not valued in the publishing world or not worthy of a publishing company.   Once my novel is published, I’m going to consider myself a published author.  I’m not going to say I’m self published unless asked.  Why should I?  If people like and read my work, I’m as much valued as the next author.

Understand I did value the feedback and I liked the people overall.  I think if you can find more worth being a part of a group then be a part of one.  Never let me or anyone tell you not to if you feel you are getting something out of it.

Feeling more energy to blog, write and edit

Terra Ann Spencer


Scribophile ?

Today is Scribophile’s worst nightmare, I decided to give an opinion on it.  *massive joke, hope someone laughed at that*

To be honest, I’m on the fence with this one.

I don’t like things like they have little to offer the self published author in terms of marketing ideas and the things every author needs to know once you finish your novel.  The site is geared toward writing and people having a say on if they like, hate or might give you a suggestion of how to get better as a writer.  If you go there, they explain in detail how their site works and more about the need for critiques.

You can always post or ask about publishing, marketing and other issues related to the after world of writing a novel.  There are tons of posts and tons of people willing to give their ideas on things.  Some of this will be helpful and some will not.

I do like the section called Academy as it’s free and full of good information concerning writing a novel.  I also like the site deals with short stories and poetry.   So if you happen to have some of this collecting dust, head over there and see what others think of your work.

The best benefit to the self published world I see is the fact people actually check out your profile on this site.  This means you can list a novel, a blog or anything else there you want to market and people will check you out as you post comments and do critiques.

Overall it has some pretty good features and I might have missed more as I’m new there.   If I come across more the self published author can use, I’ll do another post.  If  you happen to use this site, please comment if you think I should have included something.

Doing her best at the newbie thing

Terra Ann Spencer

The Next Big Writer (Writer’s Group Online)

The Next Big Writer is a writer’s group online.   My first impressions of this site are not the best.  It lists off it’s success stories at the bottom.  I’ve never heard of any of the books there.  I guess success is different for everyone.?

I clicked on ‘Learn more about the site’ as I didn’t see much on the lead page to get me to sign up anytime soon.  It works on a point system to help get people to read your work and give more than a ‘Nice Job’ response.  Apparently, many writer groups online have one main problem which is getting people to read your work or give any kind of feedback which is useful.

There is an ‘In Line Editing Tool’ which looked interesting at first glance.  Upon thinking about said tool, I wondered if it would actually be able to replace a paid editor.  It says it can and because the feedback is from more than one person you are getting a better deal this way.  Really?  If all the people who gave feedback are at the level of spelling I am, save the time and get an editor or really pick your own work apart.  You have no idea how good or bad the people giving you feedback are and I’m not sure you have a way to find out.  This Idea is a good one but I don’t believe I would sleep any better using it over not using it.

There are also online classes you can take at a discount.  I assume this is one of many ways to get the poor, broke writer to spend their hard cash at this site.   I have no idea if these classes would be worth your money or not.

I signed up for their trail membership to see how much does The Next Big Writer cost.  I can’t see the cost and it only tells me I’m on a trial membership which can be upgraded to a $ membership or downgraded to a Free account.  I did not like this one bit at all.   Why not put the price?   Scared I’d see the number and run?

Running anyway far from this site as I have trust issues

Terra Ann Spencer