Around the internet with a frown again

A site called PressBooks sounded good at the google stage.  It had the idea on a low-budget you could get your book done as an e-book and had tips to do this.  I went over with half a hope it might turn out to be as good as it sounded.  Again, I frown with the lost hope a site will ever be worth my time when it comes to self publishing.

First when was it written?

Seriously, it has one section which says you need their site because doing covers requires complex digital software.  Wrong.  Today, many of the self published places like Create A Space have templates a designer can use and there are low-budget software like Gimp one can use to do the cover art.   With a few ‘How To’ videos and a few hours of messing around, most people can figure out the software.  Granted not everyone can design a book but that is a art issue not a complex software problem.

The site also promotes it can publish your book for a low $99. No. Once, you get to the pricing section you realize the $99 does not include the cover art or editing.  I guess they didn’t realize it’s free to publish a book on amazon and most other e-book spots.  Not sure why they are charging $99 at all.  The cost to most self published authors is the editing and cover art.  Save your cash and find somewhere else as this is such a waste of money.   Use the $99 for marketing!

Frowning again

Terra Ann Spencer



This was mentioned in the article on PW.  I tend not to like these sites as they are very over priced, which is why I’m not linking the site here.  Cover art for an ebook can run less than $600 so if you plan to search this site, please make sure you search other routes too.

There is a section called LEARN.  It might have some things to help you out.  As long as it’s free, I would check it out in your free time.

There is a Line Edit option.  For a book of 80,000 words, it would cost just under $3000.  This is very high.  Later this week, I’m going to go over a few ideas of how to keep your grammar edits like a Line Edit down.  I’ll try to see if I can find a site where there are freelance editors and also some ideas of how networking might be very helpful here.

Trying to stay upbeat with cash in her pocket

Terra Ann Spencer

My short travel into the Writer’s Group

I spent about a half month on one writer’s group.  I summited my first chapter for review.  I got feedback.  It seemed to be going to plan and I was enjoying it.

Why did I stop?

First, I was spending way more time chatting about writing than actually writing.  I have enough distracts everyday to keep me busy from sun up to sun down.  I didn’t need one more.

Second, it dawned on me the critiques and comments I was getting were from writers.  Granted this is awesome at times and I love interacting with writers about publishing, marketing, writing, editing and on and on.  I just realized if I keep posting chapters and getting feedback it will all be from people who have studied and learned about writing.  This is great for grammar.  Not so great for flow, characters and other things I think the die-hard reader wants deep down in them to have in the next book.  It’s the difference between being in school and on the job.  I wasn’t sure in the end my edits would have the same value.

Third, the writer’s group I was apart of, not going to say which one, was stuck on traditional publishing.  I’m not.  I find no extra value in going through a publisher in the current state of publishing vs self publishing my novel.  I don’t like anyone who thinks or looks at me like I’m second class, not valued in the publishing world or not worthy of a publishing company.   Once my novel is published, I’m going to consider myself a published author.  I’m not going to say I’m self published unless asked.  Why should I?  If people like and read my work, I’m as much valued as the next author.

Understand I did value the feedback and I liked the people overall.  I think if you can find more worth being a part of a group then be a part of one.  Never let me or anyone tell you not to if you feel you are getting something out of it.

Feeling more energy to blog, write and edit

Terra Ann Spencer

Book Cover designers

I went to a few sites.  I found some interesting designers. Here is a list of them

First up Create A Space.  I don’t think of book covers other than posting them to their site, when it comes to Create A Space.  They do, however, offer it.  It’s a bit high.  There is a small sample of their work.

Next up, is Beetiful Book Covers.  They have pre-designed covers along with custom ones.  The prices range is under $100 for the pre-made ones.  Some very nice already done up covers, which could work for your book.

The one I found afterwards was a designer called Duncan Long.  He runs high for my taste and I’m not sure I like the overall ideas.   You might like them and be willing to pay his higher price.

Last up is an article online about Tips for Hiring a Book Cover Designer.  I think if you can’t do your own, hire someone to do it.  This also means there might be tons of people stealing your money if you’re not careful.

In the end, I hope this helps in your search but always use your best judgment as  I have never worked with any of these designers.

Now do I go with brown, green or purple for my cover?

Terra Ann Spencer

48 Hour Books

This post is just to point out there are plenty of places who will print up your novel for a price which hopefully you could afford.

48 Hour Books

This site lets you print up a run of books for a low price.  You can get your ISBN and Bar codes here as well in case you don’t have either of those yet.  There are some minor things related to printing you can throw in there if you browse the site.

Overall I put in a mere 100 book run and after shipping the total for a two day shipping was under $800.  50 books was under $500.

This may not be the cheapest site but I do believe it is one of the fastest ones out there.  Different areas ship at different rates so check out their map on shipping for your area.

Thinking of using a site like this one if I do a book signing one day

Terra Ann Spencer