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This week I’ve been working on my pinterest site and my book cover.  It’s taken most of my time up and I haven’t been searching online for my blog.  With this in mind, I’m going to continue until at least tomorrow to be busy.  If I can’t get time in over the weekend, I will be back next week with my normal amount of posts.  In the meantime if you are looking for something to do head over to my facebook page where I update about my novel or head over to my pinterest board where I’ve pinned different pictures which have influenced my current novel.  I won’t say which pictures are for which character or if the pictures inspired something which made the final cut but I’m having fun doing the board.

Facebook page


Back to being super busy

Terra Ann Spencer


A writing idea

Ever have something you prefer was printed up or a drawing you did of a character?

I’m like this.  I have tons of pictures on my computer but I love hard copies of them.  I like to be writing a scene, not have to leave it and look for reference stuff like maps and drawings.  So what to do so they don’t get all messed up or lost?

Well, if you happen to have an old photo album lying around and it was the full size sheet kind.  This is where you pulled up a plastic film and put the pictures underneath.  The pictures would stick to the page (it didn’t harm them) and the plastic would lay over them to protect the pictures.

Okay, now you found one that will work.  Take out a page.  If you got lucky, it’s a binder one and if not, cut the page out.  Now put in it your drawing or map or whatever you wanted to use for a reference.  Now you have it at your finger tips and it’s protected.  YAY.  Mine were a great size too and fit in my folder box I use by my computer.

Just in case you’re a bit old fashion like me

Terra Ann Spencer

Writing. Love or Hate?

With so much talk about love, it made me think about writing and the things said by the people getting the big bucks to do it.  They love their work.  They profess total love of writing and the characters.  I read they even love editing and the draft process.


I wondered to myself if they were high or on some other drug of choice.  Editing?  You love editing?  Are you nuts?

And the drafts?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to write.  I love when the characters pop off the page or when a problem I couldn’t figure out yesterday fixes itself like melted butter on toast.  I hate edits and drafts.

Well, hate is such a strong word.  I frown, no I hate drafts.

It’s for one reason and one reason only.  I hate the work and time it takes to get through it.  You think you are almost done and two new scenes need added due to a minor issue with a major character.  Your edit for flow is making you smile until your best friend points out there is a huge gap between two characters meeting and the two wanting to kill each other.  You go back to the draft process and the edits and the never-ending feeling this novel is out to get you and will be there in hell still not done kinda like this run on sentence.

I hate the work like any job and this one doesn’t pay anything.  SIGH.

I love it for the cool moments which is the only reason I keep writing.  So ask yourself on valentine’s day, do you love it or hate it?

Still in love with her characters but starting to think this draft is never getting finished

Terra Ann Spencer

An idea to help you write

I use to have a huge issue with writing everyday or my goal of 5 out of 7 days a week.  I tried to get myself to do it with will power but that would fail after a week or so.  I tried to use other writer memes that the internet has on it.

Nothing seemed to work.

One day while I was on the internet, I found a few sites with paint chip calendars.  I thought to myself.  My mind whirled in circles and out came the coolest idea I’ve ever had in my life concerning my writing.

Paint Chip Writer’s Board.

It works the same way the paint chip calendar works but without the need for a set size of paint chips.  The size of the paint chip area is up to you.  Here are some pics of my board.  Use a dry erase on it to make smiles, words of encouragement and your goals for the month.  I wipe off the goal every time I make one so as the month or time frame wears on the board gets less and less full.  I also add checks and smiles every time I write so that area gets fuller.  🙂

paintchiptotal what i see smiles close up close up section

I redid my board today hence why it’s so full.  My goals range from Complete Scene to Start New Edit.  The goals are up to you.  Hope this might help you out.

Terra Ann Spencer

A few updates

1. I still haven’t heard back from the book clubs on Readers Circle.  By the end of the week, I’ll send out four more and keep you updated on it.

2. My own novel.  I plan to write 4 to 8 hours today.  I realized this last week I have a massive issue mid novel.  It has chapters repeating parts of other chapters and flow issues.  I need to finish 5 scene edits at the end of the book before I can tackle the mid section.  I want to be working on another entire edit of the book from chapter 1 to the end by Mid Feb and if I don’t start to put more time into this it won’t happen until Mid March.

3. I am looking for ideas for my blog.  Is there any issues as a writer you would like to cover?  Self Publishing topics you believe other blogs don’t cover?  Any ideas would be great and welcomed.  You can comment or send me an email at terranightangel@yahoo.com  Subject line BLOG IDEAS.

Since today I will be writing more in my novel than looking up blog post ideas, I will not have anything else here until very late today or early tomorrow morning.


Terra Ann Spencer