Networking with other self published authors

It’s important to know how to network with other self published authors.  Some quick reasons can be blog interviews, reviews, cover artists, book beta readers and editors.   If you look at the competition as something you can learn from instead of just something to overcome,  you can gain far more from it than just sales.

Let’s say author A has an amazing cover.  Let’s say author A paid very little for the cover.  You would never know this because you didn’t network and ask.  Editors can be high-priced but with a network you stand to find editors who are not asking for huge sums of cash.  You might even find some people who can edit but don’t have a degree (they are out there) so they don’t push themselves as editors.  I have a few via Facebook through another author if you want to contact them for price, timeframe and what kind of edit they do.  Send me an email ( ) with the header ‘Editor Midnight Crimson’ and I’ll send you how to get a hold of them.

Places like LinkedIn (this is a link to my Linkedin) would be a great way to get started but most self published authors haven’t bothered to think about Linkedin this way yet.  We can get together and discuss strategy in the market place, what works, what doesn’t, which editors were worth the time and/or our next big ideas for self publishing.

We could use Skype.  Skype would be great place to do mini meetings and mini idea swaps.  Someone just needs to decide when we might do these and we have to keep them free.

I think places like Nanowrimo are a great way to get started in meeting authors but not the best to meet only self published.  If you know of any other places, leave a comment or email me.

Looking for ways to connect

Terra Ann Spencer


Library Thing Giveaway for Reviews

Library Thing is just like Goodreads and does have a giveaway.  You can find how to set one up here.

If you are having problems getting reviews, this could help you get them.  Also I would only use giveaways like this if you can’t get reviews, your reviews overall are good and you want to boost yourself on yet another site.

You don’t want to boost reviews, if you are getting bad reviews on your current book.  It doesn’t mean you have to take your book off the market but I would wait until you either fix the current one or release your next one.  This way you are boosting reviews to a book which the readers are going to like and think it was worth their time.

Always looking for new ways to promote

Terra Ann Spencer

Working on the Search Numbers

Why is working on getting your name or book title in the  top 10 of any Google or Bing search important?

Remember that one time a friend at work told you a story, which got you wanting to know more but it was two days later before you finally had that moment to look it up.  You get to the keyboard, you type in the story and can’t find it.  You type in another guess, nope.  Another.  Nothing.  You can’t remember the story well enough to look it up and you end up just brushing it off.  You never go back and ask your friend either.

You never want a reader, who was trying to find you by word of mouth, not to find you.  They will just give up.

Your name, part of it, the book title or anything related to your book needs to start being your number one mission.  If you’re not sure go check.  Search your name and see which spot you landed.  Can you find you?  If you can’t, they won’t.   This means lost sales and it’s not only the one sale you would have lost.  You lost any sale their own stories about your novel might have gotten you.

Back to working on her online life so the world can find her one day

Terra Ann Spencer

Ideas Ideas. This one isn’t half bad.

1. Contact your local bookstore and see if they will sell your book on consignment.  Granted the little bookstore today is harder to find but I wonder if the used book stores might sell it.  Not sure how they would work it or if they might display your book on the counter for you.  Worth looking into, if you happen to have some print copies hanging around the house.

2. Get with the local stores which are about the topic of your book.  This would be great for the DIY kind of book like one about yarn or cookbooks.  A local market might display your cookbook and a local craft store might be willing on consignment to sell your yarn book.

3. YA fiction might be able to get with after school programs or local schools.  See if they might be interested in buying your book to have for the kids.  Would they want you to do a talk about the issue in your book?  Like if you talk about dealing with bullying this might work.  They might want a copy for free and if you haven’t gotten a lot of ‘word of mouth’ going for your novel, this might be a great way to start.

4. Last idea.  Look at your local news station.  See if they have like a local area highlight piece they run either on T.V. or online.  If they do, contact them about your new book.  Do they want to feature a new author?   They might if your book’s setting is local but some will just because you’re a local writer.  This also is true of book clubs and local writing groups.

Thinking there might be a reason for some print copies

Terra Ann Spencer

Let’s talk Launch

Not my launch but in general.  The launch of a book has always been seen as the moment of truth.  The ads roll out, the author waits with high hopes for sales and everyone who did anything with the book wonder, if it will be the next trend.

Does the launch of a book still matter?

Well, according to one article, print might but the ebook doesn’t anymore.  The ebook life span is so long it has the chance to sell years after the launch.   Not a bad read.   Link here.

My thoughts?

I’d only had one thing to this idea the ebook has a longer self life so it can have more sales down the road.  If you are an author with a backlist of books, make sure every launch reminds the reader of your other books.   Most launches focus on the new which is always super awesome but with ebooks the old matters.  It does.  You might have a reader who just found you.  One who doesn’t realize you wrote three books and four short stories.

If you don’t have a launch coming up anytime soon, you can still push your old books.  Do a new ad, try to get the word of mouth going or find a trend like screaming goats to work an ad featuring your books.   If you can keep yourself on your toes with your marketing ideas, your old book ad could be a lot of fun for the reader and you.

Just trying to finishing one book, let alone a backlist of them

Terra Ann Spencer