Agent lists

I found one site where it lists and lists out people who claim to be agents.  Agent Query.

I found an agency after a quick google search.  This isn’t a list but an agent or agents.   The Knight Agency.

I also found a very good piece on ‘How to find a REAL agent’ and think everyone should read over that area of the site.   It never hurts to learn how to spot a scam.

I also know this is the main book everyone buys which lists out the current years agents.   Writer’s Market Guide to Literary Agents 2015.  This link will take you to Amazon where, if you want, can buy the book.

With any of these, I have never contacted them so I don’t know who is worth the time and who isn’t.  I can’t say someone is a scam or is going to work their butt off for you.  Please as with everything use your best judgement and do some research into their background.  I would possible see if you can contact writers who are their current work.

Agents galore

Terra Ann Spencer


Quick post on Agents

Should you get one?

If you are looking to go the traditional published route, yes.  I would look into getting an agent.  If you don’t, you end up on ‘slush piles’ which is the nickname for all submitted unsolicited novels.  Unsolicited means novels without agents.  It is harder for you to get published if you are on the ‘slush pile’.

If you are looking to self publish but might like a T.V or movie deal, I would look before or after self publishing for an agent.  Look for one who is listed out as being able to get you the movie deal or cable deal you are seeking out.  Also I would let them know you don’t want or plan to publish with a traditional publishing company.  Some agents may not want to take you on due to this fact but I believe the longer self publishing is around and the more of us going this route, they will become warmer to the idea.

If you plan to only self publish on a site like Amazon and have no current plans to sell your work for the movies, I would recommend not getting an agent.  At this point, you would not get anything out of having one and could always look into it farther down the road when you have a larger audience or feel you would like to look into other avenues for your novel.

Looking tomorrow for links to post where you can get lists of agents to send your novel to

Terra Ann Spencer