Linkedln Pluse or Blog

Yep another place to blog about your writing and book.  My review of it, it isn’t worth the time.  Well, not yet.

First Linkedln needs to make it so you can find where to post faster.  It took me almost five minutes before I happen to find it while looking over my posts from this blog which I have linked to Linkedln.

Second, not sure how many people will see your posts.  Now if your friends list is different than your friends list on your blog and fb, yes it will give you a bigger exposure.  If everyone is the same people, how many times do you think they want to hear about the same post or your novel?   It could get rather boring and over kill for them.

Third, Linkedln is all about the money.  Yes, they have different account types from Free basic to Pay out the but Premium.  Your choice on how much money Linkedln is worth.  Remember if you can’t get sales for your novel, paying for a site may not be worth the money.  Ad money might be a better place for it.

I would link where to post on Linkedln but I can’t find a general site not linked to my account.  Here is the link to Linkedln.

Good luck finding how to post on there if you are interested in it.

Now back to sleep so I’m wide awake for my new job

Terra Ann Spencer


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