The Next Big Writer (Writer’s Group Online)

The Next Big Writer is a writer’s group online.   My first impressions of this site are not the best.  It lists off it’s success stories at the bottom.  I’ve never heard of any of the books there.  I guess success is different for everyone.?

I clicked on ‘Learn more about the site’ as I didn’t see much on the lead page to get me to sign up anytime soon.  It works on a point system to help get people to read your work and give more than a ‘Nice Job’ response.  Apparently, many writer groups online have one main problem which is getting people to read your work or give any kind of feedback which is useful.

There is an ‘In Line Editing Tool’ which looked interesting at first glance.  Upon thinking about said tool, I wondered if it would actually be able to replace a paid editor.  It says it can and because the feedback is from more than one person you are getting a better deal this way.  Really?  If all the people who gave feedback are at the level of spelling I am, save the time and get an editor or really pick your own work apart.  You have no idea how good or bad the people giving you feedback are and I’m not sure you have a way to find out.  This Idea is a good one but I don’t believe I would sleep any better using it over not using it.

There are also online classes you can take at a discount.  I assume this is one of many ways to get the poor, broke writer to spend their hard cash at this site.   I have no idea if these classes would be worth your money or not.

I signed up for their trail membership to see how much does The Next Big Writer cost.  I can’t see the cost and it only tells me I’m on a trial membership which can be upgraded to a $ membership or downgraded to a Free account.  I did not like this one bit at all.   Why not put the price?   Scared I’d see the number and run?

Running anyway far from this site as I have trust issues

Terra Ann Spencer


2 thoughts on “The Next Big Writer (Writer’s Group Online)

  1. Skill levels of writers on TNBW range from total novices to published authors. Before I invite someone to review my work I check out their profile and see what they have published. Its always good to get as many inputs as possible and since it is just $70 per year (plus being able to join online writing classes by published authors) it is good value. BTW, the in-line editor tool is done by humans where they will comment on anything they think will help the writer. Also, you had a trial (not trail) membership, which doesn’t give you complete access.


    • TNBW for me was not a good fit and I still stand by my review. There are many FREE writer groups which offer the same value as TNBW online and off. Thank you for the heads up on the ‘trail vs trial’. I’ll try to edit my posts more carefully next time but glad you caught the typo.


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