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Amazon is everywhere these days with games, tons of stuff and books.  I did a quick search and for writers there is an author central page.  Amazon Author Central

So what is on this page?

Add a book, remove a book, edit a book, book covers, your events, your bio and the list goes on.  I book marked it in my favs in case I need it later.  This is a handy website to have if you are thinking of self publishing on Amazon.  I’m not sure if a publishing company does it for you that you would have access to this page.  It would be worth checking out to find out.

If you happen to have used this page on Amazon, let me know in the comments.  Is it user-friendly?  Does it make it easier for readers to find you?  Or is this just another page with tons of stuff but no way to get it out to the reader?

Wondering about this one

Terra Ann Spencer


2 thoughts on “Amazon Everywhere Amazon

  1. If you want to self publish on amazon then you need to go to (Kindle Direct Publishing) where you will find everything you need to know about self publishing. Having done it, I would have to say it’s fairly straight forward. However, my one word of advice would be to edit your work to death. It’s far easier to access your writing before it’s published than it is to access it afterward.


    • Caroleparkes

      Let me say to start with, thank you so much for the comment. Since I’ve never published anything anywhere, it’s great to have authors who have used amazon or other services give feedback to the readers here.
      Your point about editing before publishing and that it’s easier to do before hand is something important to know about self publishing. I think as writers, once we are done with a book, we are feverish to get it out to the public before it might be ready to publish. Knowing Amazon’s service might make it harder to fix something once we publish, should hopefully get writers to pause and make sure their novels are edited, formatted and the best they can produce before they publish.
      Again thanks for the comment.



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